Dimitri Missoh
enthusiastic technologist and problem solver

April 29th, 2008

Embed a Hessian based Client and Server in a Eclipse Plug-in

I’am currently working on a small project. The goal is to embed a Hessian based client and server in a eclipse plug-in. This can for example be used to let either two RCP Applications to communicate with each other or an RCP Client and a arbitrary external Application to communicate over this binary protocol. In the first step Client and Server have been both implemented in java. I get it work so far. Within the next “few” days I will try to implement a combination where the server is written in java and the client in C# (using HessianC#).

This diagram shows the structure of the whole project.

The overall structure of the project

I add a zip that contains the “dirty and uncommented” source code of the projects. The java and plug-in projects can be imported into eclipse. To compile the C#-Part of the project you will need either Microsoft Visual Studio Express (available for free) or the open source SharpDevelop. I hope this can be useful for someone.

Download Projects Files.